Canvas Training Rollout for Faculty

Photo: Phil Dembinski '08

Faculty training for Canvas, Columbia’s new learning management system (LMS), will occur throughout Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Faculty will be notified of trainings based on their respective departments.

About three weeks prior to the trainings, all of the faculty in each group will receive an email invitation from Academic Technology with instructions on how to sign up for one of the available sessions through Eventbrite. Email invitations will be sent to both full- and part-time faculty. Part-time faculty will receive a $75 stipend for attending the training.

The department groups are as follows:

Fall 2017
Group 1
Business and Entrepreneurship
Interactive Arts and Media
Science and Mathematics
Cinema and Television Arts

Group 2
American Sign Language
Audio Arts and Acoustics
History, Humanities, and Social Sciences
First-Year Writing and GSIs (Graduate Student Instructors)

Spring 2018
Group 3
English and Creative Writing
Art and Art History

Group 4

In January, the college will provide additional training sessions for those who would like to receive training before their scheduled time in Spring 2018. June trainings will also be offered for those still needing them once the college moves through all departments.

Once the rollout has been completed, Academic Technology will not only continue to offer Canvas Basics training sessions for all new faculty, but also will offer all faculty a wide array of sessions focusing on specific Canvas tools.