Electric Lit Serializes Creative Writing Professor Joe Meno’s Story ‘Star Witness’

Creative Writing Professor Joe Meno, author of The Boy Detective Fails and Hairstyles of the Damnedhas penned a new serialized story, "Star Witness." In seven parts, "Star Witness" is the story of the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young girl, and that of Shelly, a 19-year-old girl determined to solve it.  

The first installment, “The Girl Goes Missing,” was published by Electric Lit. Hamilah Marcus, the Editor-in-Chief of Electric Lit's Recommended Reading, says the story “combines the tension of Stranger Things with the visual and narrative beauty of a classic illustrated adventure like Alice in Wonderland.” 

“I wanted to create an object that took the reader on a journey, that could be read anywhere, and that built on our popular interest in serial storytelling,” Meno says of his choice to break his story into seven parts. “Over the last few years it seems we've become entranced with the serial form whether as a chain of tweets or the eight episode limited television series.”  

The next installments will be published over the next six weeks by Electric Lit every Friday.