Ensembles Receive Outstanding Recognition at Elmhurst, Collegiate Jazz Festivals

During the Spring 2018 semester, the Music Department’s Jazz and Fusion Ensembles performed at several Jazz Festivals and showcases, receiving accolades for their solo and group performances.

Both the Jazz Ensemble and Fusion Ensemble performed original arrangements at the February 23 Elmhurst Jazz Festival, and students from both ensembles received Outstanding Recognition awards: The Columbia College Jazz Ensemble’s Sloan Crawford and Adam Dib received recognition, and Imani Williams, Jackson Shepard, Patrick Jaspar, Chad Hunt, Michael Hilgendorf, and Andrew Gercak of the Fusion Ensemble received recognition awards as well.

February 24, the entire Fusion Ensemble was granted an Outstanding Soloist Certificate for “very fine ensemble work and good solos,” according to judges Greg Tardy, Alex Norris, Bruce Barth, Sean Conly, and Jaimeo Brown.

The following month, both ensembles received high praise from the Chicago Tribune’s Howard Reich for their performances alongside one of the Music Department’s Artists-in-Residence, Russell Gunn. “There’s really no better way for young musicians to grow than in performance,” said Reich.