Mat Rappaport’s "range" Featured in "Propositional Worlds"

Image courtesy of Mat Rappaport

Cinema and Television Arts Associate Professor Mat Rappaport’s range concluded the Propositional Attitudes performances on Tuesday, October 23 at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MCA) Commons Area on the second floor. Propositional Attitudes is a series of performative, interactionist work edited by Elana Mann and John Burtle. This day of performance ended with Rappaport’s range, an architectural remix that features a delivery truck mounted with multiple external cameras to drive on the streets around the MCA.

On October 26–28, presenting partner SITE/less Chicago with the MCA will host Propositional Worlds, an expanded program that features both the Propositional Attitudes program and the Perfect Worlds: Artistic Forms & Social Imaginaries program. For this combined programming, Rapport’s range will “dock” at the SITE/less loading bay, where, in collaboration with architect David Sundry, it will become an architectural interface and interactive point of entry.

A full schedule of Propositional Worlds can be found here.