Praise for Inaugural Performance from Recent Dance Graduates and Students

Recent graduates and students of Columbia’s Dance Department are turning heads with their inaugural production of Lather. Rinse. Repeat | Fall. Climb. Release.

The group, Catalyst Movmnt, includes performers Trinity Dawn Bobo ’16, Keyierra Collins ’16, Keisha Bennett ’16, Aaliyah Christina ’16, Marceia Scruggs ’17, and students Keisha Janae and Ambér Johnson. The performance debuted on January 5 at Links Hall in Chicago.

In a review for Art Intercepts, Joanna Furnans emphasized the dancers' authenticity. “I cannot stress enough how rare a skill that is in the contemporary dance world…this entire production was a much welcome offering of vigor, contemplation, complexity, determination, and warmth. If this is the next generation of dance makers in Chicago, the bar has been raised.”

In a January 4 preview, the Chicago Reader described Lather. Rinse. Repeat | Fall. Climb. Release. as “a mixed bill of premieres that investigate the theme of catharsis from psychological, political, and personal perspectives.”

“I am delighted, though not surprised, by the quality of these alumnae and student performances,” says Peter Carpenter, chair of the Dance and Theatre Departments. “This is the first cohort of students to move through the Dance Department since its shift to prioritizing West African dance technique equally with ballet as foundational forms in teaching contemporary technique. I think many of us in the faculty knew the work was exciting, but it’s certainly heartening to see this being recognized by critics as well.”