Rami Gabriel’s Article “Do Psychotropic Drugs Enhance, or Diminish, Human Agency”

Humanities, History, and Social Sciences Associate Professor Rami Gabriel’s article “Do Psychotropic Drugs Enhance, or Diminish, Human Agency” was published on Aeon, an online digital magazine that publishes content by leading thinkers on science, philosophy, society, and the arts.

Gabriel’s article was published on September 4. His article poses questions about whether drugs are a pharmacological, cultural tool that provides the illusion of agency. He writes: “In this historical moment, drugs fuel a culture where human nature is increasingly considered to be controllable through technology. But the essential question is this: do drugs enhance or diminish human agency, the ability to modulate one’s own thought processes?”

Gabriel is the author of Why I Buy: Self, Taste, and Consumer Society in America. His full article can be read here.