Peter Cook at Emory University as Part of His “Flying Words Project”

Peter Cook performing sign languagePhoto: Phil Dembinski '08
Peter Cook’s “Flying Words Project,” which blends poetry and ASL, was performed in Atlanta.

American Sign Language Chair and Associate Professor Peter Cook performed at Emory University in Atlanta as part of his “Flying Words Project.” Cook shared the stage with three local Deaf performers, including Sign1News anchor Jethro Wooddall.
“Flying Words Project” is an American Sign Language poetry troupe comprised of Deaf poet Peter Cook and hearing co-author Kenny Lerner. The project’s performances are “first written in ASL. When a poem is completed, [Cook] and [Lerner] try to figure out how to voice it.” Cook and Lerner merge ASL and poetry to create powerful moving pictures so the audience, Deaf and hearing, can see the images come to life on stage. The project has toured the world for more than 30 years.

Watch a short clip of Cook and Lerner’s performance at Emory University below.