Columbia College Chicago Announces Screenings of Five Practicum Films

Cinema and Television Arts student Practicum films "Inconvenience," "Pegasus," "Oasis," "Little Sparrow," and "A Wolf Comes at Night" featured at film festivals around the world.

Columbia College Chicago is pleased to announce the success of the following student Practicum films across the festival circuit:


A still from "Inconvenience."

A failed bank robbery climaxes at a remote gas station when the suspicious attendant forces a deadly showdown. "Inconvenience" was screened at the 2020 Short Cut 100 festival in Chicago, IL. See the trailer here.



After a brutal interaction with the police, a young black father's search for freedom takes him beyond the limits of the atomsphere. Pegasus was screened at the 2020 Savannah Film Festival in Savanahha, GA. See the trailer here.



When a sheltered girl discovers that there is more to the worled around her, she has to decide between living in a fantasy or facing a cold, bitter reality. This film has been screened at the 2020 ME Film Festival in Milledgeville, GA, the 2019 Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, MI, and the 2019 Dirigo International Student Film Festival in the UK. See the trailer here.

"Little Sparrow"


Paloma and her two siblings venture into the woods to spread their grandmother's ashes but find themselves at the mercy of a demonic creature that preys on their faults and fears. "Little Sparrow" was screened at the 2019 Magikal Charm Experimental Film Festival in New York City, NY and the 2020 Horror Bowl Film Festival, Chandigarh, Punjab India. You can see the trailer here.

"A Wolf Comes at Night"


A deadly predator terrorizes a secluded cattle farm straining the bond between a grandfather and the two grandchildren thrust upon him to raise. This film was screened at the 2020 Cine Youth Film Festival in Chicago, IL, the 2019 Culture and Diversity Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, the 2019 Black Film Festival in New Orleans, LA, and the 2020 National Black Film Festival in Houston, TX (Award Winner). You can see the trailer here.


Rhiannon Koehler
Communications Manager