Columbia College Chicago Goes BTS of FX’s DAVE

Find out how becoming an expert in COVID protocols can increase industry-readiness this Friday, December 11th, 2020.

The latest seasons of your favorite television shows might look familiar, but the process behind creating them is anything but typical. The realities of COVID-19 have presented new challenges to work environments characterized by many people coming together in close quarters for long periods of time. However, new on-set needs have also provided a golden opportunity for recent film and television grads who want to increase their marketability during these unprecedented times.


This Friday, from 4pm-5pm CST, Columbia College Chicago is hosting a Zoom panel live from the set of FX’s “Dave,” (Season 2), in which five Cinema and Television Arts alumni will discuss what a set looks like in the era of COVID, how new health and safety parameters impact production, and how some recent graduates have gotten certified as COVID Compliance Officers and increased their industry-preparedness.

The panel will include Anastasia Basche, MFA ’15, who works as a production manager in health and safety for Walt Disney; Lindsey Rabinowitz ’20, who is a certified compliance officer and set monitor; Veronika Guncheva ’20, a certified compliance officer and testing AD liaison; and Christopher Rohrbeck ’19, a testing administrator. Alum Anna Bratsakis ’20 also works on the set of “Dave” as a set monitor. CTVA student Grace Tallmadge will also be hosting.

Those interested in participating can register on Handshake, or contact Sandy Cuprisin at  


Rhiannon Koehler
Communications Manager