Columbia Students Support Operation Tone-Up

Operation Tone Up
Columbia students Celia Knox and Allison Thompson of faculty member Jane Canepa's "Jammin' With Jane" initiative support Operation Tone-Up

Columbia students Celia Knox and Allison Thompson, who met in a Special Events and Promotions class taught by Columbia faculty member Jane Canepa, are proud to be working with Operation Tone-Up.

Operation Tone-Up offers daily nutrition and structured exercise lessons that can be accessed online. Operation Tone-Up is aimed at helping parents, teachers, and students establish healthy lifestyles while adapting to working and learning from home. This interactive online program can be accessed through

As a part of working with Operation Tone-Up, the Jammin' With Jane Facebook page ( will be hosting Tony Lamka on Thursday, June 25th, at 2pm CST. Lamka is the founder of non-profit Accept the Challenge, and is a leader in the prevention of childhood obesity/diabetes. He will be present to answer questions regarding the benefits of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. All are welcome!