Columbia to Host Virtual Game Jam

Andrew Forster, '12, takes the lead in a new 2020 virtual Game Jam at Columbia College Chicago.

Columbia College Chicago is excited to announce a new, upcoming virtual game jam, produced by Interactive Arts And Media alum, Andrew Forster, '12, now a Technical Associate at Nintendo of America.

Any Columbia alumni or current Columbia students are invited to come, collaborate, and build games as a team. The games will be built on the platform Unity, with the expectation that future game jams may take place across alternative platforms. 

This opportunity proves students and almuni with an opportunity to create content and develop their skills in a rewarding virtual environment that promotes team-building and collaboration. Students and alumni will benefit greatly from Forster's leadership. As Forster has said, "My eight years working at Nintendo has given me the extra boost to give his 'new' direction a hands-on preview of what it's like [working in the industry]."

Students or alumni interested in participating in the next virtual game jam should contact Dirk Matthews, Senior Director of Alumni Relations, at


Rhiannon Koehler
Communications Manager