ASL Chair Peter Cook Helps Spread LUUV this February with The National Storytelling Network

Peter Cook

American Sign Language Chair Peter Cook has joined the National Storytelling Network to help spread tales virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Love stories, personal narratives, folktales, epics and more will be shared on February 6, 2021 as part of the National Storytelling Network’s LUUV event.

Cook will be representing Illinois in this celebration of love performances along with 15 other storytellers from across the United States, with 5 from other countries including Spain, Kenya, Scotland, Germany, and Australia.

The LUUV event will provide two curated performances, one geared towards families, which Cook will be a part of, and another targeted towards adults. “Storytelling typically is performed in-person though the art has adapted so that audience members can still enjoy this centuries-old tradition. The art has always used technology to reach more people whether that technology took the form of the acoustics from amphitheaters, microphones, split-screens and closed captioning, or streaming on YouTube, Facebook Live, and many other platforms,” said Katie Knutson in The National Storytelling Network’s press release about the event.

More information can be found about the event, here: