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Writing Ourselves In: Trans Representation, Art-Making, and Risk

Creative Writing faculty member T Clutch Fleischmann on the importance of transgender representation and the need for diverse approaches to art-making.

“Representation is a complicated process,” says T Clutch Fleischmann, faculty member of the English and Creative Writing Department. In this video, Fleischmann discusses transgender representation, the writing process, and Chicago’s thriving arts community. At the intersection of all of this, Fleischmann sees a multitude of opportunities.

As an artist, writer, Columbia faculty member, and Chicago resident, Fleischmann opts to think of representation as a call to celebrate the community.

In the classroom, they encourage their students to be unafraid to fail and to forge new ways in approaching the unfamiliar. Through Fleischmann, students are encouraged to think critically, challenge norms, and take risks as artists.