Bebe Miller Company

Photo: Derek FowlesPhoto: Derek Fowles
The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago will host the Chicago premiere of Bebe Miller's new work "In a Rhythm."

“Syntax is a key piece of how we negotiate our existence in the world, and Miller and her dancers turn an unblinking eye on the way we are with one another and the way we exist in society.”

—Richard Sanford for Columbus Underground

Dancer and choreographer Bebe Miller will bring her literature-infused suite In a Rhythm to Columbia’s Dance Center April 5-7, its third presentation in the country and first in Chicago. Tickets can be purchased here.

In a Rhythm, “inspired by a coincidence of reading,” injects the literature of Toni Morrison, David Foster Wallace, and Gertrude Stein into an examination of the syntax of movement — “how we collide with meaning through the juxtaposed dynamics of action and context, in time and space.” In a Rhythm was developed during Miller and Susan Rethorst’s collaborative project The Making Room, an “investigation into innovative ways of sharing the creative process.”

Miller will host a post-performance conversation Thursday, April 5, and a pre-performance panel April 6 at 6:00.

Bebe Miller Company
April 5-7
7:30 p.m.
The Dance Center
1306 S. Michigan Ave.