Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

"Formosa," performed by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. Photo: LIU Chen-hsiang"Formosa," performed by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. Photo: LIU Chen-hsiang
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan will premiere their new show "Formosa" March 2-3.“[Lin’s] attention to detail and his fluency with his materials—bodies, light, space and time—are nearly unparalleled today. He’s Mies van der Rohe with a paintbrush.”

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, named after an ancient Chinese dance, was founded in 1973 and remains the only full-time professional dance company in Taiwan. Founder and choreographer Lin Hwai-min is known for blending Western dance, Chinese martial arts, ballet, Tai chi, and other modern dance techniques when choreographing Cloud Gate’s distinctive performances. "I draw from the land, from the people, and they really affect me, they move me," he says.

On March 2 and 3, the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago will present the Chicago premiere of Formosa at the Harris Theater. Formosa “takes the homeland as inspiration for a work of abstract beauty born from land and lore.” Lin pairs script with song, gesture, and other traditional elements to create an isolated world within the program: only love and life remain, and with these come tragedy, hope, and ultimately rebirth. Abstract in their methods of portraying the beauty of both urban and rural Taiwan, dancers move to music from indigenous singer Sangpuy, merging “in teeming thickets to evoke a host of imagery: mountains and rivers, earthquakes and tsunamis, ancient inscriptions, a black sun.”

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
March 2-3
7:30 p.m.
Harris Theater
205 E. Randolph St.