Columbia’s Record Label Celebrates 40th Anniversary

AEMMP Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
AEMMP celebrates anniversary with performances, exhibits, masterclasses

Columbia College Chicago’s student-run record label AEMMP is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. The label, which is the longest existing student-run recording label, will be commemorating the anniversary with numerous events which will include performances, exhibits, masterclasses, and more.

“We’re excited to be celebrating the successes of our current students and alumni during this 40-year anniversary of AEMMP Records,” says Jerry Brindisi, Interim Chair of Columbia’s Business and Entrepreneurship Department.

The series of celebratory events will kick off on February 15 with the panel discussion—"Chicago’s Blog Era: How Blogs + Streetwear + Music Changed Chicago Forever” and will continue with performances, exhibits, and masterclasses throughout the year. Festivities will culminate with a planned 40th Anniversary Reunion event.

A list of events as well as additional information about Columbia’s AEMMP will be available online.  

“We look forward to connecting students, alumni, and music industry professionals throughout the year as we grow our music business community,” says Brindisi. “Happy Anniversary, AEMMP!”

AEMMP Records is a part of the Music Business Bachelor of Arts program within the Business and Entrepreneurship Department at Columbia. AEMMP (Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Practicum) classes are built from the ground up to give students experience releasing music, managing talent, and developing social marketing campaigns. These classes are unique in their format, and Columbia is one of the first colleges to create structured collaboration between these aspects of entertainment management.


Daisy Franco
Communications Manager