Event Submission Guidelines

Hosting an event? Let the entire Columbia College Chicago community know with the official Events Calendar, hosted on Localist. These guidelines will walk you through the steps to make your online event listing a success.

If you need further assistance, please contact Namita Shah (nshah@colum.edu).

Make an Account

Before you can create your event, you’ll need to create an account. Go to events.colum.edu and click the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. Use your official Columbia email address (Loop Mail or Outlook account) to sign up.

Event Guidelines

The Events Calendar is for Columbia College Chicago hosted and/or sponsored events only. Events not affiliated with the college will not be approved. Events must be submitted at least seven days prior to the event. Event submissions are reviewed for appropriateness, completeness, and style prior to approval; you will receive an email when your event is approved. Events hosted on campus require an EMS Booking ID number, which can be found at space.colum.edu. Columbia follows AP Style for all written materials; key rules are explained below for your convenience.

Step-by-Step Tips

Event Name:

Keep name under 150 characters. You can check by typing it on Microsoft Word or Twitter. If the full event title is longer than 150 characters, consider using a shorter version for the listing. Do not use special characters (&, +, etc.) in the event name because they format incorrectly elsewhere on the site.


This should be one or two paragraphs to describe your event. Let readers know who will be there and what they can expect if they attend. Descriptions must be a minimum of 160 characters for web purposes. Key information for your event (date, time, etc.) is listed elsewhere and should not be included in the event description. Remember that the calendar is open to the public, so keep your writing professional.

Using Hyperlinks:

Use hyperlinks in the description to direct people to a ticket link, registration page, partner website, artist website and more. Don’t paste the URL directly into the description—instead, select text that relates to the URL and insert the hyperlink (Register here, learn more, etc).

Using Hyperlinks

You can also hyperlink to an email address, allowing you to predetermine subject lines for event inquiries, RSVPs, and more.

Style Guidelines


Confirm your dates and times are entered correctly by looking just underneath each text box. Localist will populate the full date or time for you to confirm what you’ve entered. Note that all events must have start and end times to be approved. If it occurs all day, enter the hours of operation for the building.

Events must be submitted at least seven days prior to the event. 

RECURS (Recurring Events)

Does your event last more than one day? You can select a daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence, and customize it to the day. Click “confirm schedule” and a full list of dates will appear underneath. Selecting “daily” will pull down a menu to select occurrences by the day. Simply click or unclick days as needed.

Recurring Events

*Need help customizing your event times? Contact Christine Hickman (editorialasst@colum.edu or 312-369-7841).


The calendar has tags for most, if not all, Columbia buildings and event spaces. Enter the address of the building or name of the event space, and it will appear in a drop-down menu. If your event space doesn’t have a tag, use the building tag instead. You can clarify in the “Room” field.

Event Place


Use this box if you need to specify a room or floor. Spell out the word entirely (i.e. “Room,” “Floor”), and use the numerical (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) format for floors.



If you’ve selected an event place from the menu, this automatically populates for you. If you added a custom location, you’ll need to enter its full address. Localist is linked to Google Maps, so you’ll need the city, state and zip code in order for the address to appear on the map correctly.



This is separate from the ticket link. Include this for an external landing page, website for a partner organization, etc.


This is not required. Only enter if there is an event that is shared with the public.


Photos must fit the 600 x 600 dimensions to be viewed correctly. Images will be cropped into a square, so they should not be more than 1000 pixels on either side. Vertically-oriented images will cut off and, therefore, will be illegible. Events submitted without a photo are subject to not be approved. Please use only high-quality images so that they are legible at all sizes.


All of the following sections help to make your event easier to find. Users can search the calendar through all of the following categories:

EVENT TYPE: You may select more than one, but please use discretion. Selections will appear below the drag-down menu, and can be removed by clicking the red ‘x.’

Event Type


These tags are for official offices and academic departments at Columbia. Again, more than one can be selected, but be precise. Only include a department tag if the event is affiliated with an academic department or office, not if it would interest those within that department.



Group tags include all student organizations listed in the calendar. Only one can be selected.



If there is a ticket cost, enter it as standard currency ($5, $12.75). If your event requires an RSVP or registration instead, leave this field blank, enter the registration URL in the Ticket Link field, then this field will read “Register” instead. If your event is free and open to the public, write “Free” in this box. Using a hyperlink to include the ticket or registration site in the description is always encouraged.


This section is required only if there is an online ticket purchasing option.


Please include first and last name. Enter the name of the person responsible for answering questions about the event. This does not have to be the person submitting the event.


Columbia accounts preferred (colum.edu, loop.colum.edu)


On-campus events require a space reservation. If you’re planning an on-campus event and have not reserved a space, visit space.colum.edu. This is a required field so even if you do not need a space reservation you must still enter something into this field in order to submit the form.


This section is for any additional information you want the admin reviewing your event to know. Please specify which type of information you are providing so that it will be entered correctly:



EMS Booking ID:

Note to Approver:

Important Notes