Lauren Bayless

Live and Installed Sound BA, Minor in Music Business '23

Columbia provided valuable connections to the music industry through internships, says the recent Live and Installed Sound graduate.

What would you say has been the most surprising thing you learned at Columbia?

The most surprising thing I learned while at Columbia was all the different paths that you can take throughout your career. There is not one singular path to success, so it is important not to compare your path to others. In my courses, I have learned that there are so many jobs in the audio field, which means you can really specialize in your strengths and what you do best. It might be surprised by where you end up and the path that leads you there. 

What individuals or programs at Columbia were helpful to you in reaching your goal of graduating?

The Career Center has truly been a huge asset in gaining experience and meeting professionals in the industry. As someone who entered Columbia with practically no connections in the music industry, they have helped me get my first internships and create strong relationships with people who have furthered my career greatly. I am actually still working for the music venues where I had my first internships, and I am continuing to grow with them. Also, running the Women in Audio student organization has been incredibly valuable throughout my college experience. Meeting and working with such inspirational women who are passionate about the same goals that I am passionate about has been so incredible.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Currently, my plans for after graduation are to work for a touring production company and hopefully go out on the road working full-time on the audio crew for some big-name tours. My goal has always been to tour the world while doing what I love, so I hope that I can make that dream a reality after graduation. 

If you were going to sum up your experience at Columbia in one sentence, what would you say?

College is what you make of it, so if you really devote yourself, it can be a life-changing experience. Your passion will take you further than anything.