Tyra Guan

Arts Management (BA) '21

What would you say has been the most surprising thing you learned at Columbia? 

I am always surprised by the strong connections between Columbia students and the comprehensive resources and professional practical study experiences available here. At Columbia, I got the chance to make my voice heard. A friend referred me to the Columbia Chronicle where I had the chance to be interviewed and share my own opinion on student organization, international student life, and the recent hate crimes against Asian people in the United States. Additionally, I am a part of the Asian/International student group and have also been the president of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) from 2019 to 2020. Columbia has a caring environment. My professors and instructors are very nice and have shown a full understanding of the diversity of students. They care for students’ mental health and privacy, especially during the unpredictable pandemic. We frequently had industry professionals as guest speakers and went on many field trips to theatres, museums, galleries, and other city event venues. Columbia has such plentiful resources of spaces, knowledge, faculty, technology, and financial support. During my time in CSSA, I had a strong connection with Student Diversity and Inclusion, International Students and Scholars Services, Global Education, Columbia Dance Team, Student Center and Asian Student and Scholars Association. We have amazing dorms, a library equipped with multimedia, industry standard studios, an Academic Center for tutoring, the Advising Center, a Career Center, on-campus theatres, and cinema. 

What experiences or courses at Columbia do you feel have been most beneficial? 

The Study Abroad Program has benefited me the most. I had amazing study and travel experiences in both the United States and Europe. In Miami, I had my Creative Industries Trend class, which touched the bases of performing arts, visual arts, garden arts, and sport management. And in Edinburg, Scotland, I had my Event Management Practicum class which featured Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Queen Margaret University where we promoted and achieved a double-featured physical theatre show in Edinburg’s old town during our two-week physical class session there. All of the hands-on experiences I had during my classes have been great. Additionally, I have also enjoyed my free time exploring the city during the weekends.  

What are your plans for after graduation? 

I have been accepted into Columbia College Chicago's Entrepreneurship for Creatives Master of Arts program for the fall 2021 semester! I am also very excited about starting my Optional Practical Training this upcoming summer. 

Do you have any advice for current students? 

Seek help when you need it, let people help you, and offer help when you are capable. Dreams might be late sometimes, but they are never absent. 

If you were going to sum up your experience at Columbia in one sentence, what would you say? 

Columbia has always taken good care of me.