Strategic Plan

Goal 6: Aligning Resources with Goals

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Photo: Jacob Boll '12

As a private, non-profit higher education institution, we achieve our goal of student success only if we manage and invest our students’ tuition dollars and donors’ funds wisely and well. That’s why we are implementing an ambitious program to strengthen operational efficiencies and central management systems; contain costs; build fundraising capacity; and develop other new revenue sources. These actions help ensure we are directing our resources where they matter most.

In this first year of the Strategic Plan, Columbia focused on building a foundation that included: ensuring the college is technology-ready, investing in the retention and recruitment of talented faculty and staff, bolstering alumni relations and recruiting new Board of Trustees members to strengthen the donor base. This year, the college made impressive strides in all of these key areas. Highlights include:

1) Information Technology – a major college-wide network upgrade
2) Human Resources – recruitment of a new associate vice president of Human Resources
3) Alumni Relations – recruitment of a new director for alumni relations, and increases in alumni events and activities
4) Board of Trustees – six new board members were recruited this year

Finally, the college made a major investment in supporting MAP-funded students when the state of Illinois was faced with budget cuts and a budget impasse. More information on this and more: