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How to Set Up an Authorized Payer

Students may allow others (parents, spouse, guardian and other third parties) the ability to view the monthly e-bills and submit payments as an Authorized Payer.  Only students have the ability to set up Authorized Payers in the CCCPay system.

How I set up an Authorized Payer?

Select the CCCPay/Online Billing and Payment link located on the Student Financial Services page on Oasis.  Select "Authorize Payer" on the menu bar and follow the instructions to create a user name and temporary password for each authorized payer. (The temporary password must be changed by the authorized payer when they login to CCCPay for the first time.) Authorized payers will receive an automated email notification, with their login name, informing them that their student has set them up as an Authorized Payer. The student provides the password to the Authorized Payer. Each billing cycle, both the student and Authorized Payers receive an email notifying them that the monthly online e-Bill is available.  The email includes a link directly to the CCCPay login page.

Students have the ability to cancel Authorized Payer access at any time by deactivating the Authorized Payer’s login ID.

How can my parents/authorized payer pay the bill?

When an authorized payer is established by the student, they can make payments through CCCPay by selecting the Make Payment menu option.  Authorized Payers may submit payment from their checking or savings account or by credit card and also have the option to create a Payment Profile that stores their account information for future payments, eliminating the need to enter the account information each time a payment is submitted.  For more details, visit Ways to Make A Payment.

No one else will be able to view an Authorized Payer's confidential account information, not even the student. In the interest of security and privacy, each Authorized Payer is assigned a separate login and password to access their account and payment history.  Payments are transferred electronically to Columbia College the following business day.