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Found photographs from the collection of Gillian McCain

Managing Editor 

Cora Jacobs


John Bishop
Abigail Zimmer 
James Eidson 
Tyler Cain Lacy
David A. Moran
Christopher Neely
Daniel Scott Parker
Victoria A. Sanz
Matthew Sharos
Amy Jo Trier-Walker
Gabrielle Faith Williams

Editorial Board 

Vanessa Borjon
Ethan Chambers 
Kati Goldstein
Justin Grogan
Natalia Kennedy
Ashly McCord
Will Mackie-Jenkins
Brittany Tomaselli 

Faculty Advisor

David Trinidad

No. 27, Spring 2014

Featuring work by: Sarah Carson, Nate Pritts, Mary Ruefle, Diane Seuss, Ocean Vuong, and many more.

Sample Work

Sarah Carson 
When I Am 12 and Jeremy Is 11, We Find a Dead Deer by the Railroad Tracks

Nate Pritts 
Exeunt Lake & Bird

Mary Ruefle

Diane Seuss
It Seems, Back Then, There Was a Mythic Teapot

Ocean Vuong
Thinner Than Air

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