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Cover Artist

Izziyana Suhaimi, Friends to Keep You Warm, #29; 2011

Managing Editor 

Cora Jacobs


Tara Boswell
Brian Miles 
Patti Pangborn 
Patrick Samuel 
Joshua Young

Editorial Board 

AmyJo Arehart 
John Kenneth Bishop 
Alyssa Davis 
James Eidson 
Tyler Cain Lacy 
David A. Moran 
Chris Neely
Daniel Scott Parker 
Victoria A. Sanz 
Matthew Sharos 
Gabrielle Faith Williams 
Abigail Zimmer 

Faculty Advisors

Cora Jacobs 
David Trinidad

No. 26, Spring 2013

Featuring work by: Rae Armantrout, Tracy Brimhall, Oliver de la Paz, Kimberly Grey, Rebecca Hazelton, Alexis Pope, and many more.

Sample Work

Rae Armantrout 

Tracy Brimhall 
An Incomplete Memory of the Body

Oliver de la Paz
Labyrinth 39

Kimberly Grey
What We Have Lost

Rebecca Hazelton
Try Violence

Alexis Pope
All the Miles to Akron

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