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Cover Art

Peeling Paint, Georgia Ponton, 2014

Managing Editor 

Cora Jacobs


Vanessa Borjon
Ethan Chambers 
Kati Goldstein
Justin Grogan
Natalia Kennedy
Ashly McCord
Will Mackie-Jenkins
Brittany Tomaselli 

Editorial Board 

Kyle Ballou
Kyle Butler 
Matthew DeMarco
Elizabeth Forsythe
Jan-Henry Gray
Evan Kleekamp
Laurel Milburn
Beyza Ozer
Charlie Popetz
Taylor Lynn Robinson
Jesse Shackelford
Dominique Wagner 

Faculty Advisor

David Trinidad

No. 28, Spring 2015

Featuring work by: Erica Bernheim, Matthew Burgess, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Daniel Moysaenko, Sara Lupita Olivares, and many more.

Sample Work

Erica Bernheim 
The Flying Lady

Matthew Burgess 
Over the Isar

Laura Cesarco Eglin

Daniel Moysaenko
Finding a New Place to Live

Sara Lupita Olivares

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