Media Production Center

1600 S. State St.

Learn, collaborate, and create in our 35,500-square-foot, professional-quality media-making space with three film production soundstages, prep and production spaces, and classrooms.

mpcDesigned for and used exclusively by Columbia College Chicago, the Media Production Center (MPC) gives you the opportunities to design and build sets, set up lighting, direct productions —and more. As a working and learning facility, our classes in directing, lighting, production design, and cinema visual effects all take place in the MPC to take advantage of the professional-level facility and opportunities for collaboration.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

Building Facilities Contacts
Frank Sparano, Director of Facilities: 312-369-3314
Media Equipment Center phone line: 312-369-6335

Three Soundstages


Experience the protocol and culture of high-end studio film production—by learning and doing—in these professional-quality soundstages for digital and cinema cinematography.

  • Fly rig
  • Four lighting grids
  • Stage 1: 7,300 square feet
  • Stage 2: 2,200 square feet
  • Stage 3: 2,000 square feet

Media Equipment Center

Check out professional gear for location shoots and learn how to operate a wide variety of film and digital video equipment. Our student workers also have key roles in the equipment checkout process, setting up gear, repairing equipment, building cables and many other mission critical duties. Students also stage manage and providing technical assistance to classes filming in the stages.

Operating hours subject to change. Please call ahead to schedule times for equipment pickup and return.
Main phone number: 312-369-6335
Jeremy Fay, Cinema Lighting and Stage Tech: 312-369-6371

Prep Stage

This multipurpose space serves as a production studio as well as a place to prepare large set pieces, which can easily be transferred to and from soundstages through the loading door. The ceiling grid allows for hanging lights, equipment, or scenery.

Production Design Workshop


Students use this space to learn about production design and to build sets, props, and miniature models. Under the guidance and expertise of the Production Shop coordinator, students develop a wide variety of skills in set construction and production design from concept to fabrication, including scenic carpentry, scenic painting, and prop construction. Student workers assist classes and supervise larger scale productions such as practicums, thesis films, and advanced projects. By modeling professional practice, students gain valuable experience which will benefit them as they move from student to working artist.

Operating hours vary. Contact Tom Kesling, Production Design Workshop Coordinator, 312-369-6606, for hours and availability.

Directing Classroom

Dedicated to hands-on instruction in directing, this space was designed to combine learning and participation, with amenities including a center platform for actors and mounts for stage lights.