The Music Center

1014 S. Michigan Ave.

Columbia’s Music Department has more than 50 spaces for rehearsing, composing, recording, and performing.

From rehearsal space, to a full concert hall, to a dedicated Digital Music Lab, you’ll have the space and tools you need to make your music. Our department has a distinctive focus on contemporary, urban, and popular music, so we’ve designed all of our spaces to prepare you for professional live music venues and recording studios.

Ensemble Rooms

Whether you need space for a duo or a 20-piece band, we have you covered. Every Ensemble Room is equipped with the tools you’ll need to write, rehearse, and record. This includes PA systems, amps, mics, keyboards, projectors, and a digital board that interfaces with a computer running Logic and Protools.

Practice Rooms

Practice Rooms are available in the Music Center and may be reserved for a time that’s convenient for you. All have been acoustically treated. We also have four soundproof Wenger sound booths.

Concert Hall

Our 140-seat performance space hosts more than 100 concerts every year. The space is fully equipped to mirror a live music venue. The stage is also open for students to reserve for special events. If you’re interested in learning about sound and stage management, you can also volunteer behind the scenes.

Digital Music Lab

Our state-of-the-art computer lab is a centralized space for you to learn about writing, editing, and performing music in a digital workspace. You’ll have access to industry-standard software and hardware to create your own EP, from mixing and mastering to virtual instruments to audio recording and processing. The lab is also fully equipped with 9.1 surround sound for amazing sound clarity and endless mixing creativity.

Equipment Checkout

You’ll have access to a professional collection of equipment that you can sign out for use in your creative and artistic pursuits—both on and off campus. Need a PA system? Check. How about a sound board? Check. Keyboards? Drum sets? Monitors? Yep, we’ve got those too.

Sherwood Recital Hall
1312 S. Michigan Ave.

Many of our ensembles hold weekly concerts at our recital hall, located just blocks from the Music Center. The building also houses practice rooms and rehearsal spaces.