Grant Robbin - Columbia College Chicago

Grant Robbin

Adjunct Professor of Instruction

Instructional Areas

Adjunct Faculty, CTVA, Screenwriting, at Columbia. Previously taught in Art/Design, Fiction Writing, Marketing, Freshman Forum Departments as well as the High School Institute and Adult Education at Columbia.

Creative Practice and Research Interests

Professional credits as a screenwriter, playwright, composer, author, artist, producer, etc. Produced 16 screenwriting seminars at Northwestern University with over 100 top Hollywood agents and screenwriters for film and TV. Speaker at Chicago Screenwriters and International Screenwriters Association, and I am a screenwriting coach. IRONIX, my 5 star-rated Dystopian book, is on Amazon. As a singer-composer, I had two specials on PBS. Recipient of an art scholarship at ages 8 and 12 to the Art Institute of Chicago. Former Second City actor. President of G/R Advertising. Subject of numerous articles in magazines and newspapers, appearances on many radio and TV shows. My musical, GAUGUIN, featured a Broadway director and lead. Current projects include screenplays STRANGERS IN PARIS, HEMINGWAY AND HIS WIVES, OTHERWORLD and a play GELLHORN: IN LOVE AND WAR. Commonly referred to in the media as a "Renaissance Man.",