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Sean Andrews

Associate Chair
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Sean Johnson Andrews, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences. He is currently serving as Associate Chair of HHSS, President of the Faculty Senate, and Vice President of the Cultural Studies Association (U.S.) He teaches classes in media theory, digital humanities, cultural studies methods and methodologies, and globalization and culture. His most recent co-edited collection Cultural Studies in the Classroom and Beyond: Critical Pedagogies and Classroom Strategies concerns the ability of the politically committed, interdisciplinary, self-reflexive methodology of Cultural Studies to better conceptualize, critique and better produce "useful knowledge." He has written on the political and economic implications of media piracy, the importance of contextual intellectual history in understanding the development and deployment of theories (in economics, media studies, and history itself), the changing relationship between the law and culture in the neoliberal age, and Cultural Studies methodology more generally.  His writing has appeared in Cultural Studies,The Journal of Historical Sociology, Lateral, The Review of Radical Political Economy, and Jacobin. His co-edited volume on Cultural Studies and/of the Law was published by Routledge, with a new prologue connecting these issues to the Black Lives Matter Movement. His second and third books, Hegemony, Mass Media, and Cultural Studies: Properties of Meaning, Power, and Value in Cultural Production (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2016) and The Cultural Production of Intellectual Property Rights: Law, Labor, and the Persistence of Primitive Accumulation (Temple University Press, 2019) look at theories of media, political economy, and cultural history to better understand the role that Intellectual Property Rights play in our racialized, neoliberal, digital capitalist social formation. He holds PhD and MA degrees in Cultural Studies and English Literature, respectively, both from George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia.




B.A., Communication Southwestern University 1999
M.A., English: Cultural Studies George Mason University 2002
Ph.D., Cultural Studies George Mason University 2009