Graduate Studies

Opportunities for Graduate Students

We offer a number of opportunities to graduate students at Columbia College Chicago. Please review and see what is available for you.

Incoming Graduate Student Scholarships

Columbia College Chicago's incoming graduate student scholarship program is designed to assist in defraying tuition costs for incoming graduate students. These scholarships are awarded to students who exhibit outstanding accomplishments and potential for continued excellence in one of Columbia's graduate programs.

Scholarship opportunities include the Graduate Award and the full-tuition Graduate Fellowship, both of which are based on the strength of your admissions applications; the Columbia Rise Award, open to students who have received their undergraduate degree from Columbia; and the Columbia Referral Award, which is available to students who have been referred by a member of the Columbia community. 


The Assistantship program was established to provide incoming graduate students with valuable professional experience. The professional experience typically aligns students with a faculty member performing duties that fall into one of three categories: Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Marketing/Events Assistant.

Graduate Student Instructor Position

This opportunity allows you to gain valuable teaching experience at the collegiate level. After taking and successfully passing a Teaching Methods and Pedagogies class, and being approved by the instructor and program coordinator, you'll be able to instruct your own class of undergraduate students at Columbia. You will receive a stipend for this position, and you can continue teaching throughout your program.

Residence Life Graduate Assistant

Each year the Residence Life Office hires Graduate Assistants to work with Resident Assistants (RA). They attend to students concerns, resolve various resident issues, answer questions, provide on-campus and off-campus referrals as needed, and integrate students into life at Columbia College Chicago. The Graduate Assistant will also serve on-duty rotation covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for our on-campus population.

Big Chicago Teaching Assistant

In this program, graduate students serve as teaching assistants for Columbia's “Big Chicago” courses during the Fall semester. "Big Chicago" courses are offered in a variety of disciplines and are designed to engage first year undergraduate students in an examination and exploration of various aspects of the City of Chicago, both in and outside of the classroom.

In addition to attending one lecture per week led by the course professor, TAs will perform a variety of other roles in the course. These responsibilities might include:

Graduate Ambassador

Graduate Ambassadors play a direct and immediate role in attracting talented and dynamic students to Columbia. Students who are well-suited for that responsibility will be affable, articulate, and passionate about their program. They must also be comfortable talking and writing about their experience at Columbia.

Continuing Student Scholarships

Continuing graduate students are eligible for a variety of scholarships at Columbia College Chicago.

On-Campus Student Employment

Departments at Columbia College Chicago hire enrolled graduate students for part time jobs as student workers. They type of positions vary, but includes work like administrative support, tutoring, lab technicians, etc.