Interdisciplinary Real-World Experiences

Collaborate with upper level students from other majors to create cross-platform campaigns for real clients, produce multi-media documentaries, investigate the civic landscape in the third largest media market, and connect with industry professionals for experiential learning opportunities at City Hall, leading ad agencies, top PR firms, nationally recognized media outlets, and the city’s leading startup business incubator, all while still in school.

At Columbia College Chicago, you'll take courses that emphasize partnerships and allow you to embark on industry ventures. These practicum experiences are part of a curriculum designed to encourage innovation, collaboration, and industry-readiness. You will learn advanced media skills to help you succeed in your chosen field. From working on ad campaigns and learning the ins and outs of publicity, to becoming a photojournalist and covering elections, opportunities abound. Below are just some examples of the work Columbia students are doing out in the world.

ADVE 420 Agency--Project Brotherhood PSA

ADVE 420 Agency--Romeo Start-Up Venture

ADVE 480 Campaign Practicum--Leo Burnett Experiential Learning

PURE 380 Strategic Media Relations--Reputation Partners Project

RADIO 481 WCRX Practicum

JOUR 482 Practicum TV News