Environmental and Sustainability Studies (BA)

Help raise awareness and find a solution to the world’s environmental and sustainability challenges. The Environmental and Sustainability Studies BA combines a framework in environmental studies and scientific literacy with environmental justice and advocacy. This program gives students a unique opportunity to interweave knowledge in these areas to help communicate their viewpoint and initiate a call to action.

Through the interdisciplinary nature of this program students will get to work with experts in environmental and sustainability studies. This program prepares students for jobs focused on inspiring people to make changes to help mitigate the effects of environmental and sustainability issues, both locally and globally. With a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, students will be able to pursue careers in environmental journalism and communication, environmental photography and photojournalism, documentary TV and film making, sustainable fashion, design, and architecture, environmental law and policy, advocacy, social justice, and activism, among numerous others. 


In the Classroom

In your first year

In your first year, you’ll take foundational courses that will introduce you to the wide-ranging field of environmental and sustainability studies. In addition, you’ll take several classes as part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum.

In your last year

In your capstone course, students will work in groups to integrate their knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues with an informed creative statement about sustainability that will demonstrate environmental advocacy and inspire local, national, and/or global communities to act on environmental issues in an equitable manner. Students will also complete an internship with an organization connected to environmental and sustainability issues.



Faculty are leading scholars and active professionals in their fields who have produced an impressive variety of academic and creative works. Through insightful teaching and careful guidance, faculty will help students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Faculty will help students form meaningful and lasting connections with the environment and the communities affected by sustainability challenges.

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Students in this major are strongly encouraged to complete a minor in a complementary area of study. Elective course choices are intentionally designed to align with the following minors:

  • Communication
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Fashion Studies
  • Biology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Art History
  • Fine Arts
  • Photography
  • Cinema and Television Arts
  • Arts Management
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media and Digital Strategy