Hip-Hop Studies (Minor)

Join an energetic community of hip-hop artists at Columbia and take your creative work to the next level. The Hip-Hop Studies Minor will deepen your connection to hip-hop through a blend of hands-on experiences and thoughtful coursework. Open to Columbia students in any major, the program reflects the interdisciplinary nature of hip-hop culture. It combines course offerings in music, dance, business, art, radio, and cultural studies. You’ll also connect with other students and experts in the field through the Hip-Hop Studies Symposium. You’ll discuss hip-hop’s history and critical issues with local and national practitioners such as DJs, dancers, musicians, producers, and community organizers. Learn how to be an ally and change agent in the community through internships, independent projects outside the classroom, and community collaborations.


Why Minor?

Hip-hop is infused throughout Columbia’s culture. The goal of the Hip-Hop Studies Minor is to bring this community together. As a minor, you’ll deepen your understanding of hip-hop history, theory, and practice and enhance your ability to interact ethically and responsibly with hip-hop culture. You’ll also begin setting the stage for your career by developing creative work with your peers and professionals in the community. You’ll make your own connections through internships, volunteer opportunities, and collaboration with community organizations.

The Hip-Hop Symposium

The Hip-Hop Studies Symposium is an incubation space that’s yours to shape, along with your fellow students and faculty members. It’s where you’ll build relationships and spark ideas for collaborations with your classmates and visiting artists, scholars, and practitioners. You’ll attend lectures, workshops, jams, and seminars about hip-hop history, culture, ethics, and practice, both on and off campus.

The symposium will also serve as a space to share your creative work through presentations and performances. The symposium will be a unique experience each semester, rooted in current events, special guests, and collaborations involving community leaders and your fellow students. You’ll have the opportunity to take the course every semester so that you can build your knowledge and connections over time.