Social Media and Digital Strategy (BA)

For many businesses, social media isn’t optional—it’s a requirement. Even nonprofits, startups, and artists are finding that social media has become a critical tool in managing their brand and reaching out to their audiences.

In Columbia College Chicago’s Social Media and Digital Strategy BA program—one of the first programs of its kind in the country—you’ll become a leader in this emerging field. You’ll study consumer behavior, data analytics, content strategy, and content creation to engage digital audiences and enhance brand awareness. Over the course of the program, you’ll build a portfolio that reflects a broad understanding of digital marketing materials and strategy.

Aspects of your coursework will draw from programs in Advertising, Business and Entrepreneurship, Interactive Arts and Media, Journalism, and Public Relations. Companies across the spectrum (and the city of Chicago) are rich with internship opportunities you can use to gain real-world experience for a career as a social media manager, digital strategy expert, content creator, brand ambassador, and more.


In the Classroom

What to expect your first year

Your courses and assignments will explore digital research and consumer motivations, and you'll begin to develop content strategies that engage audiences. Your content-development assignments are a crucial first step toward building a body of work that will help you land your first internship. You’ll take courses such as Social Media Content, Communication Ethics, and Smartphone Video and Photo.

What to expect your last year

During your last year, you’ll create an interactive digital campaign reflecting your very best content strategy and creation work, refining your social media and digital strategy portfolio. You’ll also likely be working on your second internship assignment, possibly as a social media community manager, a content strategist or a content creator using video, blogs, and/or social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

You’ll be fully engaged in the Social Media and Digital Strategy Practicum, which functions as a digital consultancy as you develop real work for clients. At this point, your body of work will include social media-focused projects from your class assignments as well as real-world projects. By the time you graduate you’ll be prepared to work as a social media storyteller and create content across multiple media platforms.


Social Media and Digital Strategy majors have found internship opportunities at for-profit brands, nonprofits, media outlets, artistic brands, startups, and political organizations. Recent students have completed social-media related internships at: 

  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Chicago AIDS Foundation
  • Check, Please!
  • Midwest Fashion Week
  • 1871
  • Chicago Plastic Surgery Center
  • Chicago Feminist Film Festival

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