Planning your Transfer

Your Transfer Journey

  • Who is a transfer student?

    If you've been enrolled at a college, community college, or university AFTER completing high school, home school, or your GED, then you're a transfer student and you're in the right place. Welcome!

  • Where can I find everything I need to know in one place?

    The transfer process can vary a great deal from student to student—that's why it's so important to engage with us as early as possible, and that's also why there isn't a "one-size-fits-all" set of instructions. But, if you want something that can serve as a quick reference for what you should be doing and thinking about at every stage, you can review our checklist and timeline for transfer students.

    It's also never too early (or too late) for you to reach out to one of Columbia's transfer specialists for personalized assistance. Each transfer specialist is assigned to specific colleges within Illinois, or (outside of Illinois) to specific states.

  • What types of students transfer to Columbia?

    All sorts of students choose the transfer path to Columbia, and we're ready to meet you wherver you are. We've helped:

    • High school students who already know they'll be enrolling at a community college before applying to Columbia. It's never too early to reach out.
    • Community college students who are ready to take that step toward their bachelor's degree. Some students have earned an associate degree; some haven't—either is fine.
    • Students at four-year colleges or universities who are looking for a change and want to complete their bachelor's in our creative learning environment.
  • What if I'm ready to apply now?

    That's easy! You'll find complete application instructions on this page.

    But you don't have to do it all by yourself. If you have questions, your transfer specialist can help you at any stage in the process.

Transfer Events

We offer both virtual and in-person events to help you figure out your best path to Columbia.


Visit us from 5:30 to 8 p.m. and you can chat with transfer specialists and current students, take a campus tour, and have all of your transfer questions answered.

Fall 2023 date: 

Thursday, October 5


Can't come to our campus? Sign up for a virtual info session to hear from our transfer specialists. Events start at 5 p.m. Central U.S. We will share a Zoom link prior to the event.

Fall 2023 dates: 

Thursday, September 21
Thursday, November 16

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Transfer Resources

Will my credits transfer?

That's the number one question, and we've got some resources that can not only help you figure out how credits you've already earned will transfer, but also help you make decisions about which courses you might take BEFORE you transfer to Columbia.

One resource you should absolutely know about is With a Transferology account, you can compare courses from your current college with courses offered at Columbia and see how your courses might meet Columbia's requirements.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, and when you click "Request Information," Transferology will send your information to us so we can develop personalized guidance for you.


The Illinois Articulation Initiative and the General Education Core Curriculum

Columbia College Chicago participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative, which means (among other things) that we accept credits in the General Education Core Curriculum in satisfaction of our own Columbia Core requirements—with a few key exceptions your transfer specialist can go over with you.

If you're looking for classes to take at an Illinois community college, ask your advisor to keep you on track to finish the GECC.


Guaranteed Admission and Reverse Transfer

Some partner schools have established Guaranteed Admission and Reverse Transfer Programs that give students the option of transferring Columbia credits back to their prior institution to count toward completion of their associate degree. You can find a list of schools, along with the complete terms of each agreement, at the link above.


Transfer from a Partner School to Columbia

Crafted with our partner institutions, Transfer Guides are four-year plans that demonstrate a pathway from a specific community college program to a corresponding Columbia program. You can download a Transfer Guide for your school and program from the list below.

NOTE: The information below relates to agreements between Columbia and specific colleges, but we will evaluate credits earned at any regionally accredited college. If your college does not appear on the list below, please contact for more information.

What will I take once I get to Columbia?

The answer to this question is highly individualized, but if you want to get a sense of what you might be taking at Columbia, you can review our current transfer plans.

These degree plans outline the courses required to complete your chosen major. Use the button below to find your intended major and scroll down to the transfer-specific plan.

Look at transfer plans