College Vaccination Requirements

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Columbia College Chicago requires all students to be vaccinated. Those who booster-eligible are also required to receive the vaccine beginning January 24. Please review the latest protocols here.

Vaccination for employees is not required but is strongly encouraged. All individuals who need to submit proof of vaccination, can find instructions on the Upload your Vaccination Card page.

Note: To enter college buildings, unvaccinated individuals and those who are booster-eligible are required to display a negative COVID-19 test. Visit the Regular Testing Requirements section for more information on regular COVID-19 testing requirements and downloading the Navica App. 

Students with questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccination policy, how to submit their COVID-19 vaccination card, and how to request an exemption can email   

Want to schedule your vaccination appointment at Columbia?

Visit ColumbiaQ now.

Columbia College Chicago is a COVID vaccine site. Columbia receives both the Moderna (administered in two doses) and Johnson and Johnson (administered in one dose).

Appointments to receive a vaccination are available to students, faculty, and staff. In order to receive the vaccine on campus, you can make an appointment via ColumbiaQ.

  • I lost my vaccination card. What should I do?
    If you have lost your vaccination card or don’t have a copy, contact your vaccination provider directly to access your vaccination record.
    • If you cannot contact your vaccination provider directly, contact your state health department’s immunization information system (IIS). You can find state IIS information on the CDC website. Vaccination providers are required to report COVID-19 vaccinations to their IIS and related systems.
    • If you enrolled in v-safe or VaxText after your first vaccine dose, you can access your vaccination information using those tools.
    • If you have made every effort to locate your vaccination information, are unable to get a copy or replacement of your vaccination card, and still need a second shot, talk to a vaccination provider.
  • How can I make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment on campus?
    The first step is to sign up for ColumbiaQ. When you sign up for possible vaccination at Columbia via VAXQ you will be asked to enter your personal information and to provide a preference for the time of day you want to be vaccinated. When doses are available, you will receive an email and text with an assigned appointment day, time, and location. If you have a conflict and cannot make that appointment, there will be a number for you to call and reschedule.
  • Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine on campus without an appointment?
    In most cases, a pre-scheduled appointment is required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on campus. We strongly recommend registering with ColumbiaQ and making an appointment.
  • How does Columbia define fully vaccinated?

    Being fully vaccinated means that you have received all required doses of the vaccine and the mandatory number of weeks have lapsed since your last dose.

    According to the CDC, people are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson's vaccine.

  • Do I have to be vaccinated at Columbia, or can I get my vaccine elsewhere?

    You do not have to be vaccinated through Columbia. We recommend that you select the vaccine provider that can provide you with the earliest possible appointment.

    The Illinois Department of Public Health and the Cook County Department of Public Health and Chicago Department of Public Health are also administering doses along with other, private medical providers. If you live outside of Illinois, please inquire about vaccination resources in your home state.

    Here are additional vaccination resources: 

  • If I come to campus for purposes of vaccination, will I have to take a COVID-19 test?
    Those coming to campus to receive their vaccine are not required to take the COVID-19 test prior to receiving vaccination.
  • Is Columbia requiring employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

    No, however the College strongly encourages all employees to be vaccinated for their health and the well-being of the collective campus community. Vaccinations will also help Columbia maximize opportunities for in-person courses and social and cultural opportunities.

  • How can I submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination if I am already vaccinated?

    To facilitate the college’s ability to manage employee testing requirements and vaccination status, Human Resources has partnered with MediKeeper to implement a COVID Navigator app. The app allows employees to confidentially upload and provide the college with verification of their vaccination status. Please be aware that it will take 24 hours before your vaccination status has been processed and your card will be activated. If your card is not activated, you will not be permitted to enter campus.
    What You Need to Do:

    • If you are fully vaccinated
      • Log in to COVID Navigator to complete the vaccination questionnaire and upload a copy of your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card by July 9, 2021.
      • You will not be required to test upon your return to campus as of the date you upload your vaccination card.
    • If you are partially vaccinated (received one of two doses)
      • Log in to COVID Navigator to complete the vaccination questionnaire and upload a copy of only the front of your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card reflecting the date of your first vaccine. If you upload a copy of the front and back of the card you will need to delete a photo the next time you log in to update your card with the second vaccine information. Click Save and Finish Later, your vaccination status will be reflected as Incomplete until you receive your second dose.
      • You will be required to comply with on-site testing every three days, until two weeks past the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, and two weeks past the J&J dose.
      • Upon receiving the second dose, log in again and upload the updated copy of the vaccination record card reflecting the date of your second vaccine. Your status will reflect Vaccinated.
    • If you do not intend to get the COVID-19 vaccine
      • You must comply with the college’s testing requirement prior to your return to campus the week of July 19 and every three days thereafter while you are on campus.
  • I tried to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Columbia, but they are full. What should I do?

    Columbia is receiving a limited number of COVID-19 vaccine doses, and therefore will not be able to provide vaccination to everyone. If you are unable to get an appointment at Columbia, we encourage that you try to make an appointment with a different provider. Appointment eligibility rules and procedures vary by provider. If additional doses become available via ColumbiaQ, you will be notified.

  • I received my first dose somewhere else. Can I receive my second dose at Columbia (or vice versa)?

    No, you must receive your first and second dose from Columbia if you are vaccinated through the Columbia College vaccination site.

  • I have more questions vaccination, who should I ask?

    If you have additional questions regarding Columbia’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, please email