Andrea Salcedo and Elio Leturia Collaborate for Univision Piece on Chicago Feminist Film Festival

Columbia College Chicago Journalism student Andrea Salcedo wrote and published a piece on the Chicago Feminist Film Festival, appearing March 7 in Univision. 

Salcedo worked with Communication Associate Professor Elio Leturia on the story, titled "Todo listo para el tercera edición del Festival de Cine Feminista de Chicago.” Salcedo interviewed co-founders of the festival Cinema and Television Arts Assistant Professor Susan Kerns and Humanities, History, and Social Sciences Assistant Professor Michelle Yates. Salcedo also included Pepe Vargas ’85 as a source, the founder of the Chicago Latino Film Festival.

One of the festival’s feature films The Future Ahead (El Futuro que Viene), an Argentine film directed by Constanza Novick, opened the festival on March 7 and was a focus of Salcedo's piece. Read the full story at Univision