‘Hotel Amerika’ Essay Selected for Best American Essay Anthology

Hotel Amerika, the literary magazine founded in 2002 by Columbia College Chicago English and Creative Writing Professor David Lazar and edited by Columbia students, published yet another essay selected for the Best American Essays anthology: Paul Crenshaw’s “Cadences,” which appeared in Hotel Amerika,Vol. 15.

This is not the first time Hotel Amerika has published work selected for a renowned anthology. The magazine has been featured in The Pushcart Press Prize Anthology, Best American Poetry, and others. Kim Kupperman’s 2006 essay “Relief,” published in Hotel Amerika, Vol. 5.1, and Marcia Aldrich’s 2013 essay “The Art of Being Born,” published in Vol. 10.2, were both selected for Best American Essays. Aaron Gilbreath’s “\’Ra-Di-Kel\” from the 2013 issue was named a 2013 Notable Essay. Other Notable Essays include Lucy Durneen’s “All The Things” and Chris Arthur’s “Crux,” both from Hotel Amerika, Vol 14.

Crenshaw’s “Cadences” was selected for the 2018 Best American Essays anthology by Pulitzer Prize winner and Guggenheim fellow Hilton Als, who serves as a staff writer and theatre critic for The New Yorker.

Best American Essays 2018 can be pre-ordered through October 2. Issues of Hotel Amerika can be purchased through the magazine’s publisher, University of Nebraska Press.