C. Richard King Guest Edits “Journal of Hate Studies”

Photo courtesy of Meghan Shannon
King edited an upcoming volume of the “Journal of Hate Studies” that covers how hate inserted itself into the 2016 US Presidential campaign.

Humanities, History, and Social Sciences Chair and Professor C. Richard King was an invited Guest Editor for a recent issue of the Journal of Hate Studies. The special issue is titled “Interrogating the Place of Hate in the 2016 US Presidential Elections.” The issue also looks to the future by considering how the 2016 Presidential campaign will impact emerging expression of hate. 
King’s scholarship focuses on understandings of Indianness, white supremacist movements and ideologies, and the forms of memory, representation, identity, and power animating race relations.
The Journal of Hate Studies is “an international scholarly journal promoting the sharing of interdisciplinary ideas and research relating to the study of what hate is, where it comes from, and how to combat it. It presents cutting-edge essays, theory, and research that deepen the understanding of the development and expression of hate.” Previous volumes of the Journal of Hate Studies can be found here.