Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Announces Two Committees

The Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee grows into the DEI Executive Committee and the DEI Advisory Committee.

In a college-wide announcement that was sent out on Monday, April 22, Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Co-directors Dance Associate Professor Raquel Monroe and Art and Art History Associate Professor Folayemi Wilson reported the committee will be divided into two entities with complimentary functions to promote the expansion of available opportunities for interested individuals to get involved with the development of DEI-related proposals and initiatives.

The DEI Committee, renamed the DEI Executive Committee and retaining its current membership, will continue its collaboration with the co-directors of academic DEI on the design, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives that will embed a commitment to valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the college’s curriculum, programming, and faculty hiring criteria, in accordance with our academic DEI mission and the college’s 2015 strategic plan. Its work will be supported by a new DEI Advisory Committee, with representatives from the full- and part-time faculty, staff, administration, and student body, that will be charged with organizing and developing DEI initiatives within the schools, academic departments, offices, and communities of professional practice.

To initiate the process of constituting the Advisory Committee and filling current vacancies on the Executive Committee, President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim is issuing a call for nominations and self-nominations to both committees. The deadline for submitting these, as well as all supporting materials, is Friday, May 3. Part-time faculty members who are interested in serving must communicate directly with the leadership of the part-time faculty union, which will submit the nominations for part-time faculty representative positions. More information about the nomination process and criteria for appointment to the committees here.