Join the Fashion Studies Department's Pledge to Purchase NOTHING NEW in November

Fashion Studies pledge to buy nothing new in November

Join the Fashion Studies Department at Columbia College Chicago in pledging to purchase NOTHING NEW in the month of November 2021!  

Pledge to:

  • buy no new apparel or accessories for one month (thrift, vintage, and other resale purchases are permitted)
  • learn about ways to recycle and reuse fashion
  • navigate vintage, thrift, and other resale options
  • evaluate the impact of buying NOTHING NEW in comparison with other individual, corporate, and legislative sustainable actions
  • think about sustainable choices as commensurate with more stylish and expressive living
  • share your pledge and reasons for making it with friends and family
  • talk to others about what works, how it works, and why it works while practicing NOTHING NEW
  • accept or reject the value of NOTHING NEW as a worthwhile approach to creating sustainable fashion systems after one month of practice 

To support your pledge, the Fashion Studies Department will:

  • invite Chicago vintage, thrift, and resale shop owners to campus to talk about their businesses
  • provide guided mending and remaking workshops on campus in our studios on Monday nights
  • facilitate a clothing swap where you can trade accessories and apparel you own for different style options while buying NOTHING NEW