Thank You, Columbia Community

Collage of Columbia College of Chicago Students, Faculty and Staff
Columbia College Chicago recognizes the students, faculty, and staff who comprise Columbia's vibrant creative community.

As the holiday season begins, Columbia College Chicago wants to take the time to recognize and give thanks to all the amazing individuals who make up the college community.

Columbia’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni help create the accepting, vibrant, creative community that makes the college a unique place to shape what’s next.

After challenging years of uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, returning to in-person instruction and activities brought an optimistic, renewed energy back to campus.

This return was only possible thanks to the tireless work, flexibility, and resilience of those from across the campus community.

In May the college proudly graduated over 1,300 students and in September welcomed more than 2,000 new creatives. Students brought their trademark enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and creativity all while remaining flexible to the changing landscape of the pandemic. They impress every day with their skill, empathy, and vision for the future.

The faculty and instructors continued to go above and beyond for their students to provide the highest quality of education, all while continuing to innovate and practice their craft outside the classroom. In the past year, faculty and instructors have been nominated for top honors in their fields, encouraged their students to be engaged citizens, and had their work recognized for its excellence worldwide.

No faculty or student work would be possible without the commitment of Columbia staff who keep campus safe, clean, and running smoothly. The behind-the-scenes work of staff has been crucial to the college's response to COVID-19 challenges, and their management of the many intricate details it takes to keep a college running is what helps the institution commit itself to its mission.

Columbia’s vast alumni network has also been key to the College’s success in 2022. Through their history-making generosity, commitment to paying it forward to the next generation of Columbia students, and sustained success in their fields, Columbia alumni are living proof of the success of the college’s mission.

Grateful for the hard work and enthusiasm of this amazing community, Columbia wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season.