Columbia College Chicago Earns Spot on List of Top Photography Schools in the U.S.

The Art Career Project Rankings Photo
The Art Career Project ranked Columbia College Chicago #8 on their list of Best Photography Schools in the U.S..

The Art Career Project, an online education and career development resource ranked Columbia College Chicago #8 on their annual list of the Best Photography Schools in the U.S..

Used by more than one million visitors annually, The Art Career Project brings together experts from all areas of the Arts to produce objective rankings of the best art and design programs in the country. 

Programs receiving this award are recognized for their exceptional performance in eight weighted categories including 1) Post-Graduate Success, 2) Faculty Resources, 3) Graduation Rate Performance, 4) Student Selectivity, 5) Financial Aid, 6) Early Career Success, 7) Academic Experience, and 8) Value.

“Our annual ‘Best Schools’ list aims to guide prospective art students as they make important decisions about their education. We applaud those programs named to our 2022 list, as they’ve consistently delivered exceptional outcomes for their students.” said Damon Yee, Co-Founder of The Art Career Project. “Columbia College Chicago has set the standard for innovation and value photography schools.”

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