Columbia College Chicago Welcomes Executive Producer of Innovative Short Film

Erik Weaver, the executive producer of the short film “FatHead," will talk to Columbia College Chicago Media Arts students about the film’s innovative use of on-set virtual production.

The Executive Producer of the NAACP Image Award-nominated short film "FatHead" Erik Weaver will stop by Columbia’s Film Row Cinema on March 20 at 4 p.m. to discuss on-set virtual production.  

Set in a dystopian future, “FatHead” depicts the clash of two young groups — the Dums and the Ragamuffins — battling for control of a junkyard paradise, where Dums Fathead and her brother Tudaloo face off against the menacing gang of Ragamuffins.  

The film’s production approach addressed questions of how to optimize workflow in the COVID era by minimizing travel and the number of on-set participants.  

“Universal wanted to know, ‘How do we know how do we safely get production up and running in the era of COVID?’” Weaver explains. “You want to be able to test something like that out on something other than a $100 million movie or TV show. So, we did a huge amount of research, investigating all the different protocols.” 

Those unable to attend the Film Row Cinema event can hear Weaver and other key creators of “FatHead” discuss the film the following day at Resolution Studios. You can RSVP for that free event here.  

Watch the trailer for “Fathead” here.