Columbia Faculty Members’ Film Sells Out at Midwest Film Festival

“Good Guy With A Gun,” directed by Columbia College Chicago Adjunct Professor John Mossman and produced by Associate Professor Kevin Cooper, had its Midwest premiere on February 27 at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

Columbia CTVA Adjunct Professor John Mossman and Associate Professor Kevin Cooper’s film Good Guy With A Gunhadasold-out screening on February 27 at the Gene Siskel Film Center as part of the Midwest Film Festival. The film has been enjoying a successful festival circuit, including screenings at Dances With Films and the Buenos Aires International Film Festival. It also received an LA Cinematography Award and multiple nominations from both the Edinburgh and Seattle Film Festival. 

Good Guy With A Gun is a rural noir thriller following a boy and his mother’s arrival into a small town where their fractured relationship is widened by his deepening journey into gun culture. Amidst the increasingly dangerous path he finds himself on, he and his mother struggle to repair their fractured family.  

The film aims to challenge the black-and-white concept of good guys and bad guys by exploring the gray area lacking in the current dialogue surrounding not just guns but many aspects of life that deserve a more nuanced discussion within our American family. 

As Mossman explains, “While this story at its core is a drama about family and how good people might fight their way back from the dark paths they find themselves on, the film specifically targets the hot-button issue of guns in America, which is represented with the nuance and gray area conspicuously absent in our rancorous politicized environment.”  

Watch the official trailer for Good Guy With A Gun here.