Adjunct Faculty Member to Perform at Midsommarfest Street Festival

Ryan Black, who teaches Audio classes at Columbia, joins NÆ on stage in Chicago’s Andersonville Neighborhood on June 8.

Chicago’s popular summer festival scene provides performance opportunities for faculty, students, and alums.  

This weekend Audio Adjunct Faculty Member Ryan Black, aka Blizz, will be performing with NÆ at Midsommarfest in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood on Sunday, June 8 on the Summerdale Stage located at 5350 N. Clark St. 

 “This will be a high-energy, eclectic cosmic-themed pop show with a theatrical narrative, inflatable props, and empowering message of inclusivity and self-expression,” Black says. “NÆ and Blizz will perform catchy, all-original songs that speak to consumer culture, conspicuous consumption, and aspirational lifestyle culture.” 

Black participated in and collaborated on the show’s writing, composing, choreography, audio production, sound effects/ sound design, directing, and presentation. 

Learn more about NÆ and her co-pilot Blizz.