Advertising Students Discuss the Best Super Bowl Ads of 2024

PhotoCommunication student discussed some of the best Super Bowl commercials of the year.
Columbia College Chicago students got together in their Communication Department courses to discuss the details of the biggest night in advertising


The Super Bowl, which is considered the ultimate event in American sports, is much more than just a football game. It is a cultural experience that attracts millions of viewers, including both eager sports fans and casual observers, to witness an unforgettable game.  

 In an Advertising class called Concepting I: The Big Idea, taught by Visiting Professor Kathleen Lorden in the Communication Department the students discussed their favorite Super Bowl ads. In a brief survey, the class gave their thoughts and opinions on the best campaigns and creative choices. 

The competition on the field is undoubtedly intense, but what makes this event truly special is the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials that accompany it.

 One student, sophomore Dave Palazzolo, who studies Film and Television, expressed that his favorite ad was the State Farm commercial featuring action star and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

“The Agent State Farm commercial was just well-rounded, they had an exciting premise, an iconic celebrity, and a quotable spin on their tagline with ‘Like a good neigh-bah',” Palazzolo says. “Arnold rules.” 

Super Bowl commercials have a remarkable ability to engage viewers, igniting a flood of emotions and generating lively discussions. From heartwarming tales that tug at the heartstrings to laugh-out-loud humor that brings out belly laughs, each ad has its unique impact, making them a must-see spectacle. The day after the big game, people eagerly discuss their favorite ads, analyze their effectiveness, and share teasers and behind-the-scenes clips, making Super Bowl commercials an event within the event.  

Freshman Alison Stringham, an Advertising student, expressed her love for the Beyoncé ad for Verizon.  "I loved the Beyoncé ad the most” says Freshman in Advertising Alison Stringham. “It was unexpected to see Beyoncé in a commercial since she is always busy and doesn't do many commercials anymore. I found it very engaging, clever and there were many recognizable things such as the Barbie movie." 


In a survey of the class, this ad was a group favorite. Here are some other take aways on the campaign:  

  • “Beyonce always deserves a spotlight! I enjoyed the comparison to her stardom to their 5G coverage never failing no matter how big a stunt Beyonce does.” - Sophomore Elijah Mercado, Advertising 
  • “The Beyonce one was very unexpected and fun.” Freshman Ashley Corona, Advertising 

Monday after the Super Bowl the class discussed that Super Bowl ads  don’t only provide entertainment; they also serve as a reflection of our society. Advertisers use these commercials to connect with current cultural trends, highlight social issues, and promote their brand values. These ads showcase important themes such as diversity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability, providing a snapshot of the values and concerns of our society now. Whether you're a die-hard football fan or just interested in the commercials, the Super Bowl is an event that continues to capture the attention of millions around the world.  

Here are some other favorites mentioned by the class: 

Michael Cera for CeraVe 

- “I thought it was quite hilarious and unique. It plays into the lore that surrounds Michael Cera as an actor and made a unique connection between skincare and Cera. I think it also effectively used an insight that was found about an online conspiracy theory that Michael Cera started CeraVe.” Freshman Lauren Shaul, Advertising 

 - “I loved that CeraVe listened to their Gen-Z audience on social media and decided to do a commercial with Michael Cera.” Freshman Kylie Gramling, Advertising and Fashion Studies 

 Lil Wayne for 

 - “I loved it one for Lil Wayne of course but also because it was attention grabbing and fun. On top of that as someone going into advertising it was fun seeing the concept of this wild pitch meeting.” Freshman Kaitlin Myers, Advertising 

- “The sheer amazement at seeing Lil Wayne appear in a commercial, quickly followed by Jeff Goldblumwho was everywhere tonight. Beautiful. I actually said out loud ‘LIL WAYNE???’ when he came through those doors.” Sophomore Cameron Blackwood, Film and Television