Fashion Studies Chair Colbey Reid Publishes New Book and Article on the Domestic Posthuman

Columbia College Chicago’s Colbey Reid and her co-author look at various iterations of the posthuman and assert the need for alternative, feminist readings of technology and the future of humanity.

Congratulations to Fashion Studies Chair Colbey Reid for the recent publication of her book “Designing the Domestic Posthuman,” which she co-authored with Dennis M. Weiss. The book explains why fashion is an important overlooked technology in considerations of the future of the human animal in the era of human-technology fusions.  

Reid and Weiss also have an article on the domestic posthuman “smart home” featured in “Architectural Design’s” special issue on posthuman architecture. The piece, which includes an original photograph by Photography Chair Ross Sawyers, points out how questions of ornament and style are often overlooked in discussions of the smart home (or tech in general) and argues for the importance of correcting this omission.   

“Designing the Domestic Posthuman” is available on Amazon, the book’s publisher’s site, and other online bookstores.