LaTasha Barnes' The Jazz Continuum Takes Center Stage at The Dance Center

PhotoLaTasha Barnes (center) will perform in The Jazz Continuum at Columbia College Chicago’s Dance Center in March. Steve Pisano
Celebrated dance artist LaTasha Barnes presents "The Jazz Continuum" at The Dance Center in March—a transformative performance blending diverse Black American dance traditions and celebrating the healing power of dance.

The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago is proud to present LaTasha Barnes' groundbreaking choreography in "The Jazz Continuum," a unique dance performance that seamlessly blends improvised personal expressions with the rich tapestry of Black American dance forms.  

Barnes, a former Army Sergeant First Class, brings a powerful and transformative narrative to the stage. Having faced adversity in a car accident, she found solace and rehabilitation through dance. Her resilience and passion for movement have shaped "The Jazz Continuum," a choreographic journey that pays homage to nearly 100 years of Black American dance traditions. The performance will feature Chicago guest artists Starinah “Star” Dixon, Donnetta “LilBit” Jackson, and Charles “King Charles” Parks – plus Columbia alum Imani Rousselle ‘19.  

According to The New York Times review of the world premiere at the Joyce Theater, “LaTasha Barnes’s The Jazz Continuum passes from each artist, like an electrical pulse, emanating into the audience and unapologetically invites them into its joy-filled powerful and transformative space - an experience unlike any other and certainly not to be missed.”  

The performance will explore various dance forms, including Jazz, Lindy Hop, Hip-Hop, House, and other social dances. LaTasha Barnes's innovative approach weaves together these diverse styles into a compelling and cohesive narrative, showcasing the evolution and endurance of Black dance throughout the decades. 

“This show is both a celebration of cultural heritage and a testament to the healing power of dance,” says Roell Schmidt, Producing Director for Columbia’s Dance Presenting Series. “LaTasha Barnes's personal journey reflects the transformative impact that the arts can have on individuals facing physical and emotional challenges.”



Event Details
March 7-9, 7:30 p.m.  
The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, 1306 S. Michigan Ave. 
Admission: $30 public, free for Columbia College Chicago Students 
Reserve tickets here.

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