Find Your Calling: The New 60-second Columbia Video Spot

If you’ve been catching up on SNL or Seinfeld lately, chances are you may have seen Columbia’s new advertisement on Hulu’s commercial breaks.

The ad shows footage of Columbia in action, including Theatre alum Rockeal Jones ’16 performing at last year’s Manifest and Associate Professor of Dance Paige Cunningham teaching in the studio.

A new 60-second version was recently created entirely by members of the Columbia College Chicago community.

“We have so many talented people at Columbia it made sense to utilize our staff, faculty, students and alum,” says Laura Mitchell, video producer for Strategic Marketing and Communications. Mitchell had a large hand in planning, shooting and editing the spots, but she didn’t do it alone. “There were many people, including staff photographer Phil Dembinski ’08, who took on the role as director of photography and made it possible to complete such a big project in so little time.”

While you may not know Mitchell, you might know her voice, which she lent to narrate the spots.

“As fun as it was being asked to do the voice over, it still freaks me out hearing it on the video spot.”


Regi Drake, Contemporary Urban Popular Music
Van Isaacson, Instrumental Performance
Nick Pansino, Audio Design and Production
Igor Loncar, Music Technology
James “Bubba” Murray, Cinema Art and Science MFA candidate
Dwigth Alaba, Dance
Jacob Buerger, Dance
Keisha Bennett, Dance
Madeleine Bennett, Graphic Design
Shujian Li, Master of Arts Management candidate
Darren Bui, Cinema Art and Science
Blake Fortin, Television Production/Directing
Paige Hochstatter, Cinema Art and Science
Jonah Salazar Y Tafoya, Cinematography
Ariana Baltazar, Cinematography
Tomoko Fukuda, Cinema Art and Science
Morganne Melcher, Musical Theatre
Jon LeVert, Cinema Art and Science
Alvaretta Bracey, Cinematography
Corey Adkins, Comedy Writing and Performance
Lexie Rand, Advertising
Cassidy Lucas, Game Design
Reed Carson, Cinema Art and Science
Daniel Livingstone, Photography
Allen Lucas, Comedy Writing and Performance
Michael Pavlovcak, Broadcast Journalism
Joshua Short, Broadcast Journalism
Julianne Roddy, Broadcast Journalism
Chris Jowett, Comedy Writing and Performance
Memari Gibson
Hex Yang
Delvin McCray, Fashion Studies
Christopher Flynn, Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts
Tyrell Collins, Creative Writing

Robert Blanford, Business and Entrepreneurship
Michael Coyle, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Kathy Dunaj, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Yolanda Joe, Journalism
Curtis Lawrence, Journalism
Chris Poole, Television
Joshua Shapera ’93, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Jeff Steele, Business and Entrepreneurship

Joan Hammel ’86, Television, former trustee
Windy Lawler ’12, Contemporary Urban and Popular Music
Shifra Whiteman MAM ’16, Arts Management
Jeremy Jara ’16, Broadcast Journalism

Audio Arts and Acoustics
David Worrall, Chair
Benj Kanters, Associate Chair
Christopher Brickley
Erin Baker
Tony Miccolis
Geoffrey Prairie ’13

Business and Entrepreneurship
Mary Filice, Interim Chair

Cinema Art and Science
Bruce Sheridan, Chair
Joe Steiff, Associate Chair
Joan McGrath
Frank Sparano
Brian Wright

Peter Carpenter, Interim Chair
Paige Cunningham, Associate Chair
Kevin Rechner
Dan DiLuciano

Facilities and Operations
John Kavouris, Associate VP
Connie Stanley
Mike Guidotti
Dennis Burke
Sarah Cole
Anthony Curry

Interactive Arts and Media
Joe Cancellaro, Chair
Tom Dowd, Associate Chair
Richard McDonald
Jeff Meyers, Director of Technology

Suzanne McBride, Chair
Chris Richert
David Houle

Rosita Sands, Chair
Steve Hadley

Peter Fitzpatrick, Chair
Jo-Nell Sieren, Photography
Tom Nowak, Photography

Strategic Marketing and Communications
Cara Birch
Jessica Boggs
Kristi Turnbaugh
Phil Dembinski ’08
Samantha Frost
Kim Livingstone ’92
Dani Malloy
Aly Mitchell ’16
Laura Mitchell
Edward Thomas
Alejandro Martinez '06
Megan Kirby
Danielle Wilcox MFA '15
Evan Kleekamp MFA '16

Student Affairs
Sharon Wilson-Taylor, VP
Kari Sommers, Associate Dean
Natalie Cepeda, Dean

Sharon Ross, Interim Chair
Nicole Hoffman