6 Trout Street Trio Releases New Jazz Fusion Album

Private Property was produced by MX Foundry and was released June 8, 2021.

Columbia College Chicago is pleased to announce the release of a new album, Private Property, by 6 Trout Street Trio. Private Property features tracks by Dr. Joe Cancellarowho is currently serving as Chair of the Interactive Arts and Media Department.

Private Property is a five-track jazz fusion album that includes influences and inspiration from blues, jazz, and orchestral artists. It embraces the exploratory roots of the genre while bravely juxtaposing interior and soft melodies with progressive and sophisticated passages. In "NYC Journey to Mott" and "Riverdale Park" listeners are transported to the heart of New York City, with the energy and vibe of an iconic urban center defining the parameters of the pieces. The buoyancy in "Zawi" and "Comet Cruising" is well-balanced by the energy and sanguine passages in "Road to Babylon."

Private Property never shies away from modern and even contrarian themes, but Cancellaro’s control and flexibility shines through throughout. “My hope is that listeners interested in improvised music as well as music that ‘crushes’ at times, will enjoy it,” Cancellaro says.

Private Property marks a milestone in a 30-year jazz and jazz fusion career for Dr. Cancellaro, who is an accomplished composer, performer, and sound designer. His music has been widely performed and has written numerous film scores, compositions, and linear and non-linear music and sound projects. He also performs in two bands: Grand Stander and the 6 Trout Street Trio.

Private Property was released June 8, 2021 and was produced by MX Foundry. It can be found on Spotify, Amazon, and wherever you download your music.


Rhiannon Koehler
Communications Manager