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LAS Dean's Lecture
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LAS Dean's Lecture

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences wishes to thank everyone who attend the Spring 2014 LAS Dean's Lecture. We'll see you in the fall! 


The LAS Dean's Lecture began in the Spring of 2009 as a forum for scholarly, creative, and intellectual voices both from within and outside of the Columbia College Chicago community. Here are the past speakers:

Spring 2009
Dr. Dominic Pacyga, Professor in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences at Columbia. His lecture, "The Daleys of Chicago: A Study in Political Power," examined the extraordinary rise of Chicago's most powerful political family.

Fall 2009
Christie Hefner, former Chairwoman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Her lecture, "The Educated Citizen," addressed a variety of issues related to education, the importance of broad-based knowledge, and First Amendment rights.

Spring 2010
Dr. Jeanne Petrolle, Associate Professor of English at Columbia. Her lecture, "Women, Creativity, and Madness,” explored the thin line between madness and creativity in women artists.

Fall 2010
Jim DeRogatis, full-time lecturer in the Department of English. His lecture, "Meet the New Media ... Same As the Old Media?" addressed how the profound changes in media, and the ways in which we digitally communicate, have only enhanced the importance of good writing, reading a wide range of topics, careful editing, and critical thinking.

Spring 2011
Dr. Stephanie Shonekan, Associate Professor of Humanities and Ethnomusicology in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences. Her lecture, "Hip-Hip, Honky-Tonk, and the American Dream,” examined how the power of popular music provides a foundation with which to analyze matters of race, class, religion, and patriotism in modern day America.

Fall 2011
Allen M. Turner, Columbia’s Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Stephen Asma, Professor of Philosophy at Columbia College. The two debated the future of morality and ethics in our dangerous and changing world in "Are There Morals in Morality?"

Spring 2012
Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey, Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English and Distinguished Research Professor at Florida State University. Her lecture, “Isn’t It Really Just About the Words?” addressed the role of visual rhetoric as it has worked with words to help all of us make meaning.

Fall 2012
Peter S. Cook, Associate Professor in the Department of ASL-English Interpretation. Cook’s lecture, "Performance Narrative in Storytelling," addressed his research on how the physicality of storytelling transcends Deaf and hearing storytellers and audiences. He also performed. Watch the lecture and performance on YouTube

Spring 2013
Dr. Laura Karpman, Emmy award-winner, music composer, and Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the School of Theater, Film, and Television. In “Defying Boundaries: Being/Becoming a 21st Century Artist," Dr. Karpman shared her work and her thoughts on what it means to be a 21st Century artist. Watch the lecture on YouTube

Fall 2013
Dr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Directory of Scholarly Communication of the Modern Language Association and Visiting Research Professor of English in the Department of English at New York University. Her Lecture, "What are the Digital Humanities?" examined the extraordinary opportunities—as well as a few challenges—in the digital humanities. Watch the lecture on YouTube

Spring 2014
Dr. Steven H. Corey, Professor and Chair of the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences. His lecture, "Talking Trash: Waste, Sprawl, and the Future of the Seas," addressed the growing and hugely consequential problem of ocean dumping. Watch the lecture on YouTube.