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No. 9

American Girl

Sandra Simonds

In college I had this job as a file clerk for Dr. Glassberg,
a dentist, whose patients included Brad Pitt and Dodi Fayed
and you probably didn’t know that I’m the girl
who wrote “Deceased” with a black sharpie across the front
of Dodi’s chart. Sometimes when I go running my chest hurts
like a black tunnel in Paris and I’ve never really thought about who
might write “Deceased” across my chart because back then
I would go surfing in Malibu with my boyfriend and then sleep
on the beach and in the morning, hung over, would take the RTD
bus back to Beverly Hills to file charts when Tom Petty walks in
and he’s so much cooler than Brad Pitt will ever be because yesterday
in Tallahassee I ran through these trees that had this marijuana-like
smell that reminded me of the way Tom Petty looked when
I handed him his prescription for antibiotics after he got a filling.

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